Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week Two, Workout #3, Pyramid

Yesterday I had a great Pilates class. It really stretched me out and I felt better for it. That was a good thing too. I have tried to get into a routine as far as the intensity of the workouts. I want to build up to a pinnacle in the middle of the week that reaches peak intensity. Monday, I ran a nice easy pace for a few miles and did my circuit workout. Tuesday, longer miles at a faster pace. Today, by design is my hardest day. I ran four miles, but instead of just running at one continuous pace for the miles, I warmed up for 3/4 of a mile. I then alternated upping the pace on the treadmill for the next 2.5 miles. I would run a 1/4 mile at a "sprint" pace and then back off for a quarter. Like I stated earlier, I did this for 2.5 miles. After my run, I went straight into my circuit workout. I did this by design so I would tax my body. I want to take it just past my threshold. This will acclimate my body for when I run The Warrior Dash. The only snag that came today was the wife. She called in the middle of my circuit so I had to cut it short so I could pick her up. I swear, that woman is working against me, LOL. No, seriously, she is great. She wants to workout more, but always seems to have something else going on. That is for another post for another time.

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