Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week Three, Tuesday Workout

Today was a good day. My right knee is still a little bothersome, but, that is ok. I just figured out a different way to workout. When I first started working out, the personal trainer I had a session with showed me a circuit workout, one that was different from the one I described earlier in my blog. So today, since I needed to give my knee a rest, I decided to work my core out and do the other circuit workout.

I first did the ab workout that I did on Monday. After sitting up Monday night trying to remember all the exercises, I put my plan into action today. I did the various exercises and I have to say, I gave my core a workout! I plan on doing this workout all this week to give my knee the rest it so desperatley needs.

Next, I did my circuit workout. It consists of eight different exercises. The main objective is go through this workout in about six to eight minutes, doing it three times. Using dumbbells, the first exercise is bench press, doing that 20 times. I use 20 or 25 lb dumbbells. The next exercise are one- armed rows, 2o times each arm. Following the rows, I did deadlifts, again using dumbbells. The fourth exercise is straight arm presses. You squat, stand up, then press the dumbbells over your head. The fifth exercise, and to me this one is the toughest, are simple push-ups. Sometimes the simplest exercise is the toughest. The next exercise is where you take 5-10 lb dumbbells, lunge out with each leg and at the same time do a "fly" manuever. You do this one exercise, 10 on each leg. The seventh exercise is a kettlebell swing, squat and swing the dumbbell between your legs and then over your head, 20 times. The eighth and last exercise are step-ups. Using the workout bench, step up twenty times each leg.

The great part about this workout is that it also works you out cardiovascularly. Because you are doing all these exercises at a high pace, it really raises your pulse. This is why the workout is good for when you may have a leg ailment like sore knees. Happy working out!

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