Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7, Workout- Weekend Notes

Sundays are normally rest days. Played softball this weekend in Savannah. The weekend started great. We were 2-0 going into our last game Saturday night. We looked like a bunch of monkeys fuckin' a football( thank you Randy Quaid via Days of Thunder) and got beat by a group of guys that I although they beat us, I will not admit they are better than us. Well, we put that behind us for today. Unfortunately, we did not shake it. We promptly went out this morning and got spanked and spanked good. Got beat 16-1. Thank you very much, thanks for your money, now head on back to North Carolina 2-2. So the first weekend of what will be many more softball weekends to come is over and quite honestly, I am rather relieved. Now I can get back to my workout routine and that I am really looking forward too. Some exciting stuff is coming up this week. I start a new semester of school at UNCW and my wife, Erin, starts her new job at her new law firm. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We'll see you around the blogging world.

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