Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

It's the first week of January and like the Big Ten losing like every big New Year's bowl game, it's time for that time honored tradition of making resolutions. Now I don't normally make said resolutions, but since I have this wonderful blogging forum, I thought I would take a dive and make a couple. My first resolution, I am going to get in and stay in shape. So far so good. I got a little help and a head start a couple of weeks before Christmas when I was let go from my job. Since that point though, it has allowed me to have time for the gym. I really enjoy it too. I run anywhere from 3-5 miles on the treadmill and about every other day I do a circuit training routine.
I got started on this little adventure by pure chance. I have a friend that ran his first 5k road race on Thanksgiving weekend. After a few beers and some smack talking about how I whoop his ass, we bet a 6 pack of beer that I could do that very thing. The kicker was that I have to spot him four minutes. Now, back in the day when I actually could run, this would have been no problem. The problem now though is that I am about fifty pounds heavier and twenty years older. The first few days were tough, but, I am into a routine and now I feel bad when I do not go.
The other reason for working out on a daily basis is a race they call "The Warrior Dash". Another friend of mine told me about this fine event when we were on vacation with them down in Key West. This event is 3 or so miles of pure T hell! Not only do you run on a cross country style course, but you navigate such obstacles such as a fire pit, stacked hay bales, a log roll, and barbed wire mud pit.
The other thing I resolve to do on a daily basis is blog about my workouts and maybe some of the things I see. Maybe throw a little nugget of wisdom in there and maybe a little bullshit to boot.

Happy New Year everyone!

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