Sunday, February 14, 2010

Predictions Sure To Go Wrong

Well I'm a little late getting these in, since by now they've started the Daytona 500 and there has already been a wreck! But anyways, here goes:

Number of Times JPM and Smoke "go at" each other:
37- y'all didn't forget about the All-Star race did ya?

How Many Times we are gonna have to hear about Danica-mania?
Too damn many times to even wanna try to count!

How many times Dale Jr. will win this year? (This one is for me, he is my guy ya know!) 3- I think that is an appropiate number, don't you? :)

Rookie of the Year:

Are there any rookies even entered this year? Can Logano re-enter for this year?

Most over- hyped story(ies) of the year?

Three way tie and in no particular order: 1) Danica Patrick, 2) The"drive for 5" JJ style, and 3) Can Jr. make a comeback?

2010 Chase drivers, also no particular order:

JJ- of course

The Rainbow Warrior

Old Man Time, Mark Martin


The Busch Brothers


Kasey Kahne

Matt Kenseth


The Biff

Jeff Burton

I just don't think Hamlin is gonna make it, if you've never had knee problems, you really don't know how bad it can be for you. One good crash and that leg is gonna HURT! This ain't football, you can't just get a shot and numb it up, the NASCAR drug police wouldn't like that too much.

Cup Champion:

Smoke- he is the only one that I think is smart enough to realize, its not the equipment, hell, half the field is in Hendrick equipment! I think its raceday prep and raceday decisions that make the difference. Smoke's just got "it"... I think.

Daytona 500 Champion:

The Blue Duece

Overachiever of the Year:

Sam Hornish

Underachiever of the Year:

Junior, I got faith, but he'll never live up to expectations, just how it is.

Well that's all I got, if anyone has any others they want answers to, just holler, I'm sure I can give an opinion and I'm sure its gonna be wrong. :)

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