Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth

Its been awhile since I last checked into the blogosphere world. Things have happened and there have been place to go, ya know what I mean? Well boys and girls, I'm back and have I got a doozy for you! For those few that actually read my golden nuggets of wisdom, the wife and I spent the last half of last week at the Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World. Actually, we only spent one day there and it was one for the ages! My wife and I actually went down to Orlando because I was playing in the USSSA( United States Speciality Sports Association) Class E World Series. We got there on Wednesday, started playing on Thursday and we were put out of our playing misery on Friday afternoon. That experience is for another time. Since we were put out of the tournament on Friday, the War Department, aka, The Wife wanted to spend Saturday at Disney World. Last year, we were down for the same tournament and we were able to go to both Animal Kingdom and Epcot. So this year the natural logic was that we go to Magic Kingdom. Now, I love Disney, I am a kid at heart and if you talk to my wife, she will tell you that I will never grow up and will always be a kid. This past trip to ole Walt's World though just might have cured me of being a kid forever, well not really, but oh my did it really test me like no other time in my life.

I must just for a moment back up to the night before. Like I said earlier, we were put out of the tournament that Friday afternoon. We were put into what is affectionately known as the "beer bracket". The "beer bracket" is just another way of saying, "your done, now let's go drink beer and drown our sorrows for such pitiful play." Well to say I went deep into the "beer bracket" would be a understatement and didn't get "put out" til somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 a.m. So Saturday morning came early and so did the nudging of my wife telling me to get up and GET HAPPY! So with a groggy head, bad breath, and squinty eyes off we went to the Magic Kingdom. First stop was to have my picture taken at the front of the entrance with me and a Schaefer! As a proud Schaefer HofFer its my responsibility to "take it to the streets"! The security guard was cool about it and even got a chuckle outta the guy when another guard walked up and asked what was going on and he explained my plan. That was the highlight of the day and its barely 9 a.m. at this point! From there, we did all the usual rides, Its A Small World, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents, Splash Mountain, and so on and so on. The big downer of the day by far was that Space Mountain was closed! I was thinking, geez! I'm hungover and no Space Mountain, what freakin' gives?! As I've stated before, this is the Happiest Place on the Earth, right? Well, they need to tell that to all the people that feel like its ok to walk into you and instead of saying "excuse me" or "I'm sorry", you get a dirty look and some angry remark, usually in a language that I didn't understand. After you get past the rude, then you get that greatest of human species, the mother with a stroller! I swear, they should make these women have a license or something to drive those things around the park! If there was a open space up ahead while walking, they were hell bent and determined that she and that stroller were gonna be in it! After getting dang near run over a few times, it actually got to be pretty funny. The wife and I actually started to keep count! Well, I made it through the day, albeit tired and with achy feet. The wife was happy and in the end, even though it seemed like everyone in Florida and half the free world were there( they don't say Its A Small World After All for nothing!), I actually had a great time and am even trying to plan our next trip there. I think next time though, I will wear heel and shin pads for the women strollers from hell and definitely won't be pounding beers the night before!

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  1. You may be a kid at heart. But you haven't "done Disney" until you've dragged a crying, worn out 3 year old thru the park as you yell "I paid $60 for you to see Goofy and by God you're gonna have fun." Not that I can relate or anything. And nice touch as the Schaefer HOF torch bearer!