Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

So I went by my office this morning to drop off a drawing for a quote on some countertops. When I went to open the front door, it did not budge. I thought, hmm, this is odd, usually someone is here and if no one was going to be there, then I would have been told. Well this got me to thinking. Since no one bothered to tell me that no one would be in this morning and since I do not have a key, I thought, this is great! Just a great topper to what was just a wonderful weekend! (tongue in cheek)

My first thought from this past weekend, how is it that in the Georgia/LSU game on Saturday, the zebras decide that they want to have a part in the outcome of the game and not leave it up to the players? With 1:09 left in the game Georgia takes the lead from LSU in what had been a back and forth game. LSU had just went ahead like 30 seconds before and UGA drives down and A.J. Green makes just an unbelievable catch! The crowd goes nuts, the players, as a group, come over and congratulate Green, all is good right? Nope! Mr. Zebra man decides that these young men are celebrating too much and showing up the visiting Tigers of LSU. Now if I could figure out how to pull that video and show it here I would, but I can't, so take my word for it. It was a bogus call and well I guess that is how the cookie crumbles and in a single play, how Georgia's season has gone to date. My second thought, I was watching the NASCAR race in Kansas on Sunday. Now this year for me has been torture! My guy is Dale Jr. and to put it bluntly, he has sucked it up this year. It has gotten so bad that I have contemplated jumping ship and joining the ranks of the Smoke Brigade. Ah, but there was hope this weekend, Jr. was starting on the outside front row and overall looked to have a pretty good car for the show. It looked even better when on lap 12, he took lead and all was great in Junior Nation for the next 44 laps. Then the wheels fell off, more to the point, a lug nut fell off. Gotta come back in put it on and when its all said and done, he's a lap down and finally with about 20-30 laps to go, a belt falls off, he loses power and finishes where he has most of the season, in the 30's! Yippee-Ki-A Mother *Bleep*! Last thought from the weekend and this is the topper. The wife in her infinite wisdom, decides that since I have suffered through the Dawgs loss on Saturday and Jr.'s debacle on Sunday, that I should be destined for more suffering.... that's right, I couldn't even get "any"! Damn, I sure am glad its Monday!

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